A Backyard Designed for Dogs

A pond is a cure for “Dog Boredom”

Designed with our furry friends in mind…

Did you know that dogs LOVE ponds? Even the ones who don’t like to get wet, love being around water features… Giving your dog something ever-changing in their environment – such as a pond or pondless waterfall – actually stimulates their mental health. Dogs that have plenty of stimulation on a daily basis are easier to train and happier all-around.

Just ask these two pups – Daisy and Ruby – they are true pond-loving pooches that spend the majority of their time outside by the pond. Every time we visit, these two happy dogs are already outside by the pond, just waiting to show us around.

A cure for “Dog Boredom”

The American Kennel Club says “Your dog, intelligent creature that he or she is, also needs mental exercise. A mentally stimulated dog is a happy dog.” (AKC.org)

Ever wonder why some dogs excessively bark, chew up furniture or scratch up doors? These are all symptoms of Dog Boredom… Yes, it’s a real thing, and can be improved if you give your pup enough stimulation to challenge his or her mind. Ponds provide a natural place to keep fish and plants and are beaming with life (stimuli).

Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer) says “Just like people, dogs get bored with the same old everyday routine. Keeping them mentally challenged and constantly exposing them to new things is just as important as taking them for walks and exercising them. Bored dogs develop destructive behaviors and take their negative energy out on things like your furniture”

“Dogs are bred to complete tasks such as hunting and herding. When they aren’t able to fulfill these types of duties, they can get restless. Take him for a long walk, hike, or SWIM.” Cesar Millan (Our Pond Customer of 2014).

View Cesar’s project photos here – Cesar Millan’s Desert Oasis

Poodles, Border Collies, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Doberman Pinschers, Sheepdogs, Labradors, Papillon, Rottweilers, Cattle Dogs and Australian Shepard’s are some of the most intelligent breeds of dogs, which need more mental stimulation than any others.

What can we do?

All pet owners are guilty of leaving our furry friend at home while at work or running errands, it isn’t realistic for this to change, so what can we do? Designing your backyard design around your furry friends can bring serenity and entertainment to the entire family (both dogs and humans alike).

Our clients are constantly giving us feedback on how their pets are adapting to their new environment after we have installed a water feature, and they always say the same thing – “Our dogs LOVE their new water feature!”

Ponds are mother nature’s entertainment and life force. A natural water feature provides a place for your pets to cool off in the summer months and endless hours of mental stimulation.

Are ponds safe for my pets?

Backyard ecosystem ponds are incredibly safe for your dogs. Pond water is naturally treated and filtered for any chemicals or harmful nutrients, creating a completely natural and safe environment for pets to interact with.

If you are concerned for teacup/small dogs or elderly dogs who may not be able to swim properly, a Pondless Waterfall is a great option! Pondless waterfalls are only about 3” – 6” deep and provide running water and a great place to cool off for your dogs.

My dogs immediately jump in the pond and sit in the stream when I let them out, it’s great having something to look at other than a lawn in my backyard now, and now my dogs are not very excited to leave the house anymore… neither am I…. ha ha!”

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