Backyard Pond with Lights and Seating Area

Backyard ponds add so much life and beauty to your home. The lush plant life and natural stone, coupled with relaxing sounds of rushing water, creates a setting you can enjoy anytime of the day.

But What About at Night?

When the sun sets, your pond basically becomes unnoticed. But why restrict your enjoyment to only daylight hours? By installing pond lighting, you can gaze at your pond anytime, day or night. And, depending on the lighting you choose, you can even design a whole new spectacle to admire.

There are several choices when it comes to pond lighting, and they can be combined to create a unique and fitting atmosphere for your backyard.

Pond with Watefall and Underwater LightingUnderwater

or submerged lighting can be placed beneath the surface of the pond to create many different moods and effects. Lights can be set up so they change colors, glide across the water or vary in luminosity. Submerged lights work very well underneath waterfalls, in order to create a focal point and heighten the effect of the water.

Backyard Spotlight Hidden in a RockSpotlights

are a great way to highlight water features and direct attention to your pond. These can be set up in plain sight, or if you don’t like having lights all over your pond, there are options to keep them hidden. For example, having your light housed in a rock-shaped case is a good way to blend it in with the rest of the landscape.

Pond Floating LightFloating Lights

give off a soft glow and look beautiful sitting on the water at night. They come in different colors as well, so you don’t have to settle for traditional white light. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can use greens or blues instead.

By combining lights and patterns, you can create something truly special. You may like your pond more at night than during the day! And because everything can be set up and controlled from one centralized location, it’s very easy to make adjustments. You can also have the lights on a timer so they are always working when you want them to.

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