Apply for a Field Position:

California Waterscapes is a fully Certified, Licensed and Insured General Contractor. 

Pond Crew Duties

  • Digging by hand and with machinery
  • Masonry (Setting and stacking boulders for ponds and waterfalls to look natural)
  • Moving large rock and boulders (able to lift 75+lbs)
  • Installing low voltage lighting
  • Installing plants, mulch, gravel
  • Installing pumps, filtration systems and other pond equipment
  • Handling live fish and turtles
  • Loading and unloading the work trucks

Crew Chief Duties

  • Keeping moral high on a crew
  • Supervising crews daily progress, ensuring we are hitting our deadlines
  • Coordinating directly with Production Manager on schedule jobs
  • Managing materials deliveries to jobs
  • Ordering materials for jobs
  • Ordering/scheduling equipment deliveries
  • Tracking job hours
  • Tracking job expenses


  • Bonus Program (Eligible Immediately)
  • Health insurance (Eligible After 90 Days)
  • Dental insurance (Eligible After 90 Days)
  • Vision insurance (Eligible After 90 Days)
  • 6 Paid National Holidays a Year (Eligible After 90 Days)
  • 6 Paid sick days (Eligible After 90 Days)

Build a Lifelong Career:

Build a lifelong career and retire with this company is our goal. Join the team and family here! We are Pond and Waterfall building specialists. Our work is more than just typical construction, it’s ART. Our goal is to build a solid team that loves what they do, we want our employees to enjoy the work and feel they can build a LIFELONG career as well as retire with our company. We are always expanding and look forward to working with each individual to place them in the role THEY desire.

We are ARTISTs in construction and encourage creativity in building.