How to Spot and Fix Leaks in Your Garden Pond

How to Spot and Fix Leaks in Your Garden Pond

Leaking Pond Solutions

The amount of water lost can even increase when you have a waterfall installed in your yard as compared to a still garden pond. Moving and splashing water increase evaporation rate.

If you notice an inch drop in your pond’s water level overnight, that’s normal. But when you wake up the next day to find that that the water level has dropped seven inches, then it’s no longer evaporation to blame. Most likely, you’d need garden pond leak repair.

If your pond is losing water at an abnormally rapid rate, then you need to first find where the leak is. Although manageable, this process will require patience so do set your mind for it.

Ponds are built with low edges that are usually lined with rocks. As you search for the leak, start with these areas first. Watch out for dirt sitting on the edges of your pool as accumulated dirt can result to low spots from which the pond water can escape from.

You can as well take hints from the pool perimeter and see which part is wet. If it hasn’t been raining, and you find a spot that’s surprisingly damp, then that could direct you to where the leak is.

Inspect rocks around your pool too as splash out can be another cause of leak. To resolve this, simply adjust the rocks so that the water stays in or is redirected back to the pond.

Meanwhile, if you have plants in your rock features, you’d want to look into them as well to make sure they are not holding back the water from flowing freely into the pond. Trim overgrown plants as needed to allow room for the water to flow naturally.

These are basic steps to finding and solving leak problems in your garden pond. If your pond is still losing so much water, then you can move on to calling for help from pond professionals or you can proceed to taking a further look at your pond.

Either way, as the pond owner, it’s good to be aware of few procedures you can try to identify where the leak is.

For this, you need to shut off your pump. Let your pond sit for 24 hours and when you come back the next day and find that the water level drops, then that means the leak is inside the pond.

Continue observing your pond until you see where the water last stops. Once you spot the leak, you can proceed with the repair or dig deeper to find out if the leak may have been caused by a puncture in the liner.

It can be frustrating to see your pond losing water fast. Add to that, merely looking for the leak can already consume so much time. If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional pond builder.

The key is to respond immediately to prevent pond inhabitants such as your fish from bearing the brunt of the issue.

Take time to go over customer reviews before hiring pond professionals. You want this process to turn out smooth so you can start enjoying your backyard pond again, and never have to deal with garden pond leak repair anytime soon.

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Low Maintenance Pondlesss Water Features and Waterfalls for the Busy Los Angeles Homeowner

pondless water featuresPonds and waterfalls are a great addition to your Southern California property. The peaceful sounds of rushing water coupled with the beauty of natural plant life transport you right into nature without ever leaving your home. However, not everyone wants a large pond or waterfall in their backyard. Maybe you’re afraid of how much maintenance it requires or you have small children and are worried about the safety risks. If you’re hesitant about installing traditional waterfalls or a pond in your backyard, pondless water features are a great alternative.

What are Pondless Water Features?

A pondless water feature is essentially a recirculating waterfall and/or stream without the presence of a pond. Pondless water features have an underground basin that catches the water and then it recirculates back to the top. All of the beauty of a waterfall is there, only it doesn’t have the typical 12” – 18” deep pond. A pondless feature will only have water that is 2”-3” in depth, visible above the surface.

Pondless Water Feature Maintenance

pondless waterfall featureLow maintenance water features such as these are a great choice for busy Southern California homeowners who love the idea of a waterfall in their backyard but aren’t sure about installing a full pond or don’t have time for the maintenance of a fish pond.  All bodies of water require some level of maintenance, but you’ll spend substantially less time on maintenance tasks for a pondless water feature. While a regular fish pond requires at least 10 minutes of maintenance per week, pondless water features require approximately one hour per year. This involves cleaning out the Biofalls once a year, and on occasion, removing leaves from the basin.

Types of Pondless Water Designs

There are many different types of water features, and they can be as simple or as grand as you’d like. This allows you to get creative and design a water feature that’s unique to your property. A few popular pondless waterfall design ideas in Southern California include:
  • Natural waterfalls
  • Delicate stream beds
  • Cascading low-lying waterfalls
  • Streams under a bridge
  • Disappearing fountains, urns or columns
  • Streams that come right up to your patio

Building a Pondless Waterfall

Learn the benefits of a low maintenance water feature.Sometimes, pondless waterfall construction is taken on by homeowners as a do-it-yourself project. And while there are plenty of pondless waterfall kits available online, many things that can go wrong when building a pondless waterfall on your own. In many cases, it’s worthwhile to let a professional handle the design and construction for you. Professional contractors have the experience necessary to design a pondless water feature that fits your style and property. They can make it look natural so it perfectly blends into the surroundings, and a professional knows how to choose the best rocks and properly set them. Plus, they’ll be able to guide you in the right direction when choosing plants to help complete the overall look. Pondless waterfalls can take quite a bit of time to install if you’re doing it on your own, and it’s likely that you’ll need to enlist the help of a few friends and even a large piece of equipment, since some of the materials are heavy. In most cases, a professional can install a pondless water feature in one day and may only need to come back a second day to finish up some additional enhancements. Using a pro saves you a significant amount of time, allows you to enjoy your water feature sooner, and to have the peace of mind that the work carries some sort of guarantee. If you’re thinking about adding a pondless waterfall to your Southern California property, the team at California Waterscapes can help. Whether you’re looking for a simple stream or a large, extravagant cascading waterfall, we’ll answer any questions that you have and work with you to design and install a low maintenance water feature that fits your style, property, and budget.

Want to Learn More About Pondless Water Features?

At California Waterscapes, we offer design and installation services for ponds, other water features, and pondless waterfalls. To learn more about how we can help you with your next pond project, check out our gallery and contact us today.