Keeping Pond Water Clean

Your pond will always be exposed to outdoor elements. Dirt will find its way to the pond and it’s impossible to keep your attention to it round the clock. Yes, keeping pond water clean and clear requires work. But to make tasks more manageable, you can always break them down between those that should be done regularly to those that can be done at least once a year. Set a schedule and try to stick to it.

Weekly Pond Water Maintenance

Lack of clarity is a common concern among pond owners as it limits enjoyment of their pond. Here are few tips to help improve clarity of your pond.

  • Dealing with leaves. Take out leaves as soon as you can. Decaying organic matter will starve your fish of oxygen.
  • Cleaning filter. Try to clean your filter weekly. It picks up dirt fast, and it needs your help so it can work as hard every time.
  • Checking for signs of excessive algae buildup. Algae is beneficial in keeping the pond’s water quality healthy. However, overabundance can be harmful for your fish. Check your pond if it starts to get murky. You may have to reduce the amount of algae in the pond.

Annual Work To Keep Your Pond Clean

  • Overall pond cleanup.This process may require transferring your fish to a holding tank. You can use water from your pond but be careful so as not to take the water level too high. If you’re unsure how to go about preparing a temporary habitat for your fish, you can always ask your pond builder for further assistance.

Follow this step by step guide to cleaning your pond, along with a checklist of tools you’d need.

Don’t Forget To Check These as Well To Keep Pond Water Clean

  • Excess food waste. If you keep observing excess food when feeding your fish, lessen your feed time. Two to three minutes could be enough. Try to remove the leftover food immediately.
  • Number of fish you have. If, despite your efforts to keeping your pond water clean, you still feel something off with your fish, you may need to do a headcount of all your fish. Some may have to be moved to a new home.
  • Pond filter and pump are of the correct size. The size of your pump and filter depends on the size of your pond. Note that it’s always better to overestimate than underestimate.

The key to keeping pond water clean and more clear is keeping it naturally-balanced. Algae cannot be completely eliminated. Aquatic plants cannot be removed from the system altogether. Regular maintenance is necessary so waste is immediately removed. Pay attention as well as to how your fish behaves for signs whether something’s off or everything’s fine with the pond system.