Where to buy koi fish?

Brand new pond owners should do some research on where your fish are coming from before purchasing from a pet store. We recommend you go straight to the source when buying your Koi Fish and buy from a hatchery! Many Koi Fish dealers in Los Angeles purchase from BlueRidge Hatchery, their direct retail store is called “NextDayKoi”. You can actually purchase directly from NextDayKoi and find your Koi Fish online today!

We purchase our fish from NextDayKoi.com!

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How many koi fish can safely live in my koi pond?

Several factors influence whether a pond is habitable by fish, so before you stock your new pond or choose a few new finned friends at your water gardening store, take a few minutes to assess your fish’s dwelling space.

It all starts with the size of your pond! Pond fish generally need 10 gallons of water for every inch of their length, and you have to be ready for them to grow larger, so be careful not to overstock, no matter how tempting this may be!

For a 1000 gallon pond with excellent filtration and areation – you are maxed out at about 100 inches in koi (or 10x 10″ koi). Just keep in mind, these guys do grow! In a year or two, your 10″ koi will 12″-15″.

A safe number to start would be 8 small (3″-6″), or 5 medium (6″-10″) koi fish for every 1000 gallons.


Trying to keep all of the varieties and variations of Koi straight can be challenging, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
Koi come in these varieties below, but keep in mind you can also get these Koi in butterfly fin Koi.


Taisho Sanke

Showa Sanshoku


Shiro Utsuri

Hi Utsuri

Ki Utsuri




Platinum Ogon

Yamabuki Ogon





Beni Kumonryu



Ochiba Shigure




Kin Kikokuryu

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