Interested in having your very own koi pond?

First thing to ask yourself is if you’re ready for the additional work. Fish would need regular care to survive and so a koi pond may not be for everyone. But if you’re willing to share some of your time, then you’re off to a good start.

Also, before you head on to call a pond builder near you, spend some time learning more about pond building and prepare a set of questions to ask. You can use this questionnaire to gauge whether you’re dealing with pond experts.

When built properly, a koi pond can serve as a centerpiece for your landscape. But when built poorly, it can only cause you inconveniences. It’s very important then that you choose your contractor carefully.

On this post, we’ll talk about few koi pond building tips. Let’s get started.

Right Combination of Sunlight and Shade

Sunlight is beneficial as it makes your koi fish healthier. Aquatic plants need natural sunlight too so they can produce food and oxygen.

However, exposing a pond in direct sunlight can be harmful for your fish. For one, ponds easily overheat during the summer. And when the pond temperature rises, oxygen supply depletes.

While sunlight is helpful, you need to make sure that there are shade areas in the pond as well.

If your pond location is exposed to direct sunlight, consider adding floating plants such as water lilies. Plants help keep the temperature down and will serve as a hiding spot for your fish against predators, when it’s warm, or when the sunlight is too bright for them.

Adding Water Plants

Another important element to your koi pond are water plants.

Aquatic plants help you create a natural home for your fish. They also add beauty to your backyard pond setting.

Plants help limit algae growth by blocking excess sunlight. And they serve as a shelter for your fish and help maintain oxygen levels in the pond. Your koi can also feed on water plants.

Check this post for tips how to plant water lilies in your backyard pond.

Installing Filters

Pond filtration is essential to keeping your pond healthy and clean.

Water filters eliminate biological waste in the water such as that produced by your koi fish. While nature can help with its own filtration processes, you still need to give your pond a hand so it can maintain its beauty.

One type of filtration is mechanical filtration which makes use of skimmers and pump baskets. Another type is biological which uses beneficial bacteria that turn contaminants into safe substances.

Keeping Adequate Oxygen Supply

Your fish need oxygen to survive.

Allowing movement in the water will help oxygen circulate naturally. Installing waterfalls is one way you can aerate your pond. You can also use an aeration pump.

Note that the warmer the temperature, the less oxygen your pond can hold.

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