California Waterscapes, a subsidiary of Pacific Outdoor Living, has been hard at work on a beautiful stream for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design!

The Pasadena Showcase House of design is an annual event which brings together the best landscapers and interior designers in Southern California to completely redesign a home. Pacific Outdoor Living has been chosen as a featured designer for the past 14 years, and this year, we were asked to completely redesign the front yard!

The home is a sprawling, 10,000 square foot estate built in 1941 by a legendary architect. We wanted the front yard to suite such a lovely and historic property,  so we created a one of a kind design that is sure to leave guests in awe.

Pasadena Showcase Design

We began with an ordinary grass yard, which we completely removed and resoiled. We then began digging and channeling out the stream, which will travel 80 feet along the Eastern perimeter of the house.

Pasadena Showcase Old Driveway

Pasadena Showcase Construction

We will the surround the stream with an assortment of plant life and fill it with rushing water, giving a very pleasant and earthly feel to the yard. We will even have a grass bridge in place, similar to the one used on the famous Augusta golf course.

Pasadena Showcase Pond Construction Pasadena Showcase Landscaping

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