The question that I hear the most when it comes to water gardening is, how do I keep predators from eating the fish in my pond? There are a lot of ways to keep birds, raccoons, and other animals out heres a list of a couple of ways to do it.

When building your pond, remember to add a fish cave in the deepest part of your pond by stacking flagstone and leaving enough space for all of your fish in there. This will give all of your fish a place to swim and hide if a harmful predator is in the area. Most animals, like raccoons, will put their paws in to grab a fish but almost never fully submerge themselves in the water.

Scarecrow motion activated sprinklers are another way to scare away birds and other animals that have wandered into your backyard for a meal. These are the quickest to install and very popular with pond owners. They work similarly to motion activated flood lights, except they emit a 3 second burst of water to scare the pond predator away. These can easily be found online and in the ground in minutes.


Netting is also available to keep out those pesky predators from munching on your fish. There are lots of different sizes to choose from and can be trimmed down to fit your water feature. Visually this is not the best choice since you will see a black net over your entire pond, but it is effective.

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