Koi Ponds
Water Gardens

Using biological filtration we are able to build natural koi ponds and water gardens without harmful chemicals or unsightly external filtration systems. All of our equipment is hidden within the water feature and looks as if it has been there for hundreds of years. 

Pondless Waterfalls


Pondless Waterfalls require very minimal maintenance. This is an option for homeowners that do not want fish or a basin of water in open view. Great for small children and pets.

Natural Pools

Recreation Ponds
Natural Swimming Pools

Our large scale ponds are also used as natural swimming pools. Essentially a biologically filtered pool without chlorine or harsh chemicals. We use natural rock and boulders paired with plants for the edging.


Basalt Columns
Ceramic Urns / Vases / Bowls
Bubbling Rocks / Boulders

We build “disappearing” fountains, which is essentially any fountain top (urn or vase) that spills over the sides down into an Aquascape Basin.

Dreaming of your own water feature?

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