Taking Care of Your Pond in the Winter

Backyard Stone Pond With Plants

Even in Southern California, where winters are mild, there’s still steps to be taken to ensure your pond doesn’t suffer. This is especially true if you have fish in your pond, as they will act and need to be taken care of differently in the winter. Take a look at these few simple steps you can take to ensure your pond stays beautiful all throughout the winter and into spring.


Pond Tour January 19th

Join California Waterscapes for our first Pond Tour of 2013.

Throughout 2013 we will be holding monthly pond tours showcasing some of the most beautiful back yards in Southern California. These self guided tours will be held on the 3rd Saturday of every month and will include 6 – 8 homes to be visited. Our first tour to kick off 2013 is happening Saturday January 19th.

If you’ve ever thought about owning your own pond or waterfall or just enjoy water gardening this tour is perfect for you. During this one day event you will have the chance to see how our clients worked with our designers to incorporate beautiful water features into their landscapes.

The Pacific Outdoor Living design center will be one of the stops on the tour and will have a free barbecue going throughout the day.

To receive directions to the houses on the tour fill out our registration form by clicking here. The directions to the homes will then be emailed to you three days before the event. If you have questions or need help registering feel free to call us at (818) 244 – 4000.

We hope to see you there!

Pond Design – Pond Construction

Natural Waterfall

Pond Design

It is important to work out your pond design before beginning any construction. Overlooking any essential factor can become very costly in terms of having to redo work already completed.

Pond Construction

One essential ingredient to consider in your pond construction is the depth of the pond.

Determining Pond Depth

There are many factors to consider when choosing a pond depth. These include climate zone, fish number, size and type, sunlight conditions, winterizing options, pond size, and shape.


As a rule of thumb, California Waterscapes has experienced that a two foot deep pond can support fish and plants year round in the extreme winter and summer temperatures. With proper precautions, a two-foot deep pond can be made to support aquatic life virtually anywhere.

Of course, another consideration is the building and safety requirements. Most city municipal codes have regulations that state that once a pond is over 2 feet it must be treated as a pool and must follow the same rules and regulations of pool safety such as fences and locked gates. In some cities, this is 18 inches. So keep that fact in mind in your pond design.

Our design consultants will help you determine the appropriate depth for your pond so that it will work with your location and your other pond elements. Contact us today for your Design Consultation and receive a design consultation with one of our expert water garden professionals.

Constructing Eco-system Pond