Doing Summer Pond Care the Right Way

Summer is great for spending time outdoors and is also a time when your pond needs your attention the most. Care for it the right way so it can continue to delight you and your family. Here are few things to take note of.

Oxygen Supply is Crucial

Your pond is able to interact with gases only on the water surface. If you see your fish gasping and you notice your pond emitting a foul odor, chances are the oxygen level is not enough.

Warm temperature limits your pond’s ability to hold oxygen. It’s ironic as your fish require more oxygen in warm environments and they tend to be very active during summer.

Using an aeration device can help increase oxygen levels in the water. Aeration devices work by encouraging movement in water, hence breaking the surface and improving the ability of water to interact with the air.

Another way you can oxygenate your pond is by cleaning your water filter regularly so it can do its job effectively and bring about movement in the water as well. Also, keep watch of your fish. The more fish you have, the more oxygen your pond would need to support their needs.

Feed Fish Sparingly

Warm water speeds up fish metabolism. Feed your fish 1-3 times a day but do not give them more than what they can finish in 5 minutes.

Resist feeding them more even when they seem hungry. They appear as though they can take in more food as they are used to feeding over a long time. Should they really need more, your fish could always turn to natural food for supply.

Fish overfeeding could result to poor water quality. Add to that, decaying excess food and fish waste use up oxygen that your fish need.

If you’re leaving for a holiday trip, there’s no need to worry as your fish can find food they need in the pond. But should you decide to send someone in to check your pond, make sure to also discuss with them a feeding schedule for the fish.

Observe Plants

Plants are beneficial as they provide shade and keep sunlight from directly hitting the base of your pond. But then, too much coverage can interfere with the gas exchange. In turn, the oxygen level decreases.

While keeping a variety of aquatic pond plants present, see to it as well that they are not swamping the pond. Remove overgrown plants every now and then to allow growth of new plants.

And don’t forget to remove dead flowers and foliage too. Decaying matter will only compete with your fish for oxygen supply.

Deal with Algae

Warm temperature makes ponds vulnerable to algae. Never use algaecides, though as harm chemicals will also kill your plants. Also, decomposing algae will only lead to another serious problem.

Decaying matter will encourage another wave of algae, and this time, much worse. You may need to try varying solutions to keep algae at bay and it differs on the type of algae itself.

Green pea soup algae, for instance, can be controlled with a combination of biological filters and uv light.

String algae, on the other hand, can be removed physically. Hold it near the base, cut it out using scissors or roll it around a stick so you can grab it completely. Another solution is to add plants that grow quickly to starve string algae of nutrients that fuel its growth.

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Make Your Garden Pond Love You Back

You need your water garden to help you relax you after a long day and it also needs you so it can stay healthy and clean. Whatever love you put into caring for your pond this summer, it will give back to you for sure.