Pond with Stones and Landscaping

Stones are an essential part of any pond or waterfall design, and care should be given to their selection and placement. Working with your designer, you can choose the right stones to bring out the natural beauty of your pond or waterfall and complete your dream water garden.

To help you make the best decisions and get the most out of working with your designer, let’s take a look at the different types of stones used in waterfalls and ponds:

Foundation Stones

This will be your perimeter stone, and you should pick just one kind of stone for this. More than one type of stone will create a clashing effect that isn’t ideal. The foundation will be made up of your largest stones, so having a clear idea of what you want beforehand can save you a lot of headache later.

You don’t want to use stones that are too big or too small because it won’t appear natural. 1 ton of stone for every 10-15 feet of pond perimeter is a good, rough estimate to think with. Good choices for rock types are granite and sandstone.

Pond with StonesRock with Rock WaterfallRock Waterfall with Running Water

Complementary Stones

These are the smaller stones placed beside the perimeter to give contrast and complete the design. It includes the pond and river rock as well as any flagstone that’s added. Complementary stones are a terrific and often necessary addition, provided they are incorporated correctly.

Rocks placed at the bottom of your pond should also be chosen carefully. If you’ll be keeping fish in your pond, it’s important to use smooth or rounded stones so the fish aren’t injured on sharp corners. The best kind of rock to use is granite, sandstone or slate. Limestone isn’t recommended because it can alter the pH level of the water.

Stream with StonesShallow Pond with Peppbles and GreeneryPond with Stepping Stones

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