Swimming Ponds and Natural Pools

We build Recreational Ponds used for swimming

What is a Swim Pond?

We build what are called “Recreation ponds”… you might have heard the phrase “swimming ponds”,  “natural pools” and “lakes”, these are all essentially oversized ponds used for whatever purpose you’d like. We are a custom pond builder, we can build a pond any shape, depth and size… 

Optional Upgrades For Swim Ponds

  • Additional U.V. light sterilizing filtration
  • Additional depth for swimming areas
  • Adding an entry area, such as steps or a beach
  • Using flagstone instead of gravel for the bottom of the pond
  • External pump options

How is swim pond filtered?

We use two types of filtration for any of our ponds… just like a swimming pool would, but instead we use a completely natural approach.

The first filter on our ponds is called a “Mechanical Filter” or “Skimmer”, which is used to skim the top sheet of water and remove debris like leaves and dust (just like a swimming pool would).

The second filter is what is used to break down any bad nutrients in the water. In a traditional swimming pool, chlorine is used to break down nutrients, but in a natural ecosystem pond, we work with mother nature and not against her. We use beneficial bacteria (like a probiotics) to break down nutrients via a “Biological Filter”. We build a bigger version in a large pond project called a “Wetland Filter”.

    How much do Swim Ponds Cost?

    Depending on the size, depth, filtration and upgrades you choose, swimming ponds / natural pools can cost anywhere between $50,000 to $200,000 in Southern California. If you are wanting something larger than a typical swimming pool size, such as a lake, you can be looking at upwards of $250,000…

    Are Swim Ponds cheaper than Regular Pools?

    Yes, swimming ponds, natural pools and recreational ponds are cheaper per square foot than traditional concrete pools.

    Why? Natural pools (large ponds) do not require the same materials, setup and labor that traditional pools do. Our process is a lot simpler and less labor intensive.

    How we design & build Ponds

    We specialize in building ponds and waterfalls to look as if they were found in nature.

    Using a rubber liner, natural boulders, plants and gravel, our ponds are shaped perfectly “imperfect” to achieve a natural look.

    • Rubber liner by PondGuard Aquascape
    • Curved boarder edges using boulders and plants
    • Gravel or flagstone bottom
    • Filtration systems built into the pond (no unsightly external filters)

    Do I need fish in my Swim Pond?

    Fish are an important part of an ecosystem pond, they also eat algae, so we say YES! But for people who do not want fish, we recommend you at least have some small minnow (small 1″ fish) these help your filtration work more smoothly. 

    Fish and critters that you can keep in an ecosystem pond year round

    • Koi Fish
    • Goldfish
    • Mosquito Fish (Gambusia Minnow)
    • Tilapia
    • Catfish
    • Bass
    • Trout
    • Shubunkin
    • Banded Shark Algae Eater
    • Gobi Algae Eater
    • Sturgeon
    • Rosette or golden rudd
    • Frogs (get as tadpoles – great algae eaters).
    • Turtles

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