Showcase House of Design 2019

Welcome to our Hidden Oasis.
Our 2019 Pasadena Showcase House of Design Space.

Showcase House of Design 2019

Welcome to our Hidden Oasis.
Our 2019 Pasadena Showcase House of Design Space.

“Hidden Oasis”

Design by Chad Morrill – California Waterscapes 2019

Take a moment to listen, let the tranquil sound of a babbling brook fill the air around you – welcome to our space at the Pasadena Showcase House of Design. Perhaps one of the most picturesque views of this estate, the oasis features a beautiful collection of koi fish, gracefully swimming in a 5’x8’ pond.

Our modern, clean-cut paver patio is customized to intertwine with large seating boulders. By bringing the pathway right to the edge of the pond, we showcase our favorite cantilever effect. Softening the design, California-friendly plants and a stunning live plant wall surrounds the area, while lights can be seen hanging from the trees, extending the ambiance into the evening hours.



Ecosystem POnds

Ecosystem ponds are self-sustaining, require very little maintenance, and provide an opportunity to have koi fish as pets. A variety of amazing plants can be added to your backyard pond for additional garden enjoyment. 

POndless Waterfalls

A Pondless Waterfall is a beautiful and sought-after landscape water feature. Simply put, it’s a waterfall without a pond. Waterfalls are extremely low maintenance, energy efficient, and can be customized for almost any space.

Fountains and More

Fountains are a beautiful way to add life, movement, and the sound of water to any garden. More and more, we are seeing fountains become a main focal point to the garden. With so many design options available today, the sky is the limit!

Meet Our Crew

Our team has over 18 years of experience and training in the water feature industry.

We have been Fully Licensed and Certified as Pond Contractors since 1999. Having installed hundreds of custom water features, we know and love our craft.

Fair & Affordable

There is a pond for every budget and size yard. We want everyone to enjoy our ponds and waterfalls, so we price out all of our projects big or small with the same formula. We account for our labor hours and materials only, no upcharges or added fees. So, you know you are getting a fair price for the amount of work involved.

“It’s just fantastic, we just love our pond! It’s changed our life. We literally stopped watching TV at night and sit out by the pond and talk. My husband was so excited about the new lights you put in our pond and how clear the pond is, he is now building a new fire pit, so we can spend winter nights next to the pond. We have recommended your company to our neighbors to build their pond. We would recommend you to anyone.”


Happy Pond Owner

“Thank you for our beautiful pond. We absolutely love it and it added so much to our yard. It’s fantastic! My husband and I really enjoy having breakfast out there. We sit by the stream and watch the birds and just relax. Your staff is quite friendly and accommodating. Everyone was so nice, from the designer to the installation crew. Thank you for your professionalism. I will be happy to recommend your company to my friends.”


Happy Pond and Stream Owner

Pricing for Our 2019 Showcase Design Space

Exclusive Showcase Pricing – Through May 2019 Only


Koi Pond – $7,500  $6,999

Basalt Rock 54” – $5,200 $4,950

Basalt Rock 36” – $4,000 $3,850

Landscaping (planting & lights) – $3,800

Hardscape (paving stone patio) – $8,500

NorthCape Lounge Chair – Seaside Collection – $550 $450 (2x = $900)

NorthCape End Table – Seaside Collection – $200 $135

18” Small Firespace Lantern Each – $89 (3x = $267)

26” Medium Firespace Lantern Each – $115 (3x = $345)

Succulent Wall by True Vert – $1,500 $1,250

Total Space Price Estimate $31,446
(excluding design price)

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